Quantum Life

The Quantum Life app story

The Quantum Life iLife/infinity app was created and developed by Quantum Life LLC in California, using expert technology based on the renowned LIFE system and many years' hands-on experience. It's main objective was to be able to offer a powerful, accessibly-priced alternative to the expensive high-end devices in quantum biofeedback therapy.

The Quantum Life app offers a tremendous opportunity for many more people to take part in and benefit from the quantum health revolution that is gaining speed across the globe. It offers many functionalities similar or equivalent to those found in high-end devices, coupled with unmatched ease-of-use and portability. It even has some functions such as sacred geometry and a choice of wave type that cannot be found elsewhere.


Quantum Life LLC continus to improve and expand the possibilities of the app, as well as develop exciting new mobile products such as the RIFE frequency app and the WaterHarmonizer, eager to extend the frontiers of accessible quantum health therapy to an ever-growing user community.


The team

Quantum Life LLC and its partners across the globe all share a highly ethical and socially responsible approach to business, with the interests of their clients at heart.

Comprised of experienced quantum health therapists, doctors and marketing professionals, the Quantum Life team is able to provide adhoc, personal training and support to thousands of customers worldwide. All members of the team actively participate in training and support and can easily be reached for questions and advice by email.



Quantum Life Trainers

Brenda Judah

Certified Biofeedback Specialist 
Certified Biofeedback Instructor


Brenda earned her certification with the Natural Therapies Certification Board . She has spent twelve years in the field, working with local integrative practitioners, chiropractors, acupuncturists, as well as medical doctors.

In addition to a successful practice in California, Brenda enjoys teaching and training new practitioners in the field of quantum biofeedback. As a recognized educator of biofeedback and owner of IBI, Brenda provides classes for anyone seeking certification in the field of biofeedback.


Dr. John K. Char



Throughout his lengthy career, Dr. Char has spent a lifetime researching and applying holistic treatments to benefit thousands of patients worldwide. As an ardent supporter of naturopathic medicine and a well known voice of reason in the holistic medical and dental community, he has authored three books and countless articles on the subject of wellness. He is also a nationally recognized authority on alternative and integrative medicine, and has used both successfully throughout his distinguished career.



Dr. Ariel Policano

Grand Master Quantum iLife/iNfinity Trainers


Dr. Ariel Policano is a naturopathic doctor and the creator of the entire Awaken program, including all formulas and educational material.


Ariel currently holds a naturopathic license in Oregon, Arizona and California. She does phone and Skype consultations worldwide. Ariel also does numerous Webinars, many of which are offered at no charge.


In creating the Awaken Total Health Programs, Ariel wanted to give everyone the power to have high qaulity, but simple programs that could be re-starts for those who have gotten on track or an easier road to healing for those who have never quite gotten on track or known how to do so. The programs are fun, effective and easy to do even if you have a very busy schedule.


Susan Covington

Certified Quantum iLife/iNfinity Basic Trainer and Instructor


For the past 30 years Suzan has worked with alternative doctors doing trainings and research, and for many years operated her own Alternative Health Clinic. In addition, her childhood love for animals led her to develop a line of holistic nutritional formulas for horses and other animals that were sold all over the world.